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On Tuesday night at Music Hall of Williamsburg, Wet Hot American Summer celebrated its tenth anniversary. The movie, a comedy about the last day at a fictional Jewish summer camp in 1981, initially received mixed reactions. At the time of its release, critics panned the satire, harshly judging both the plot and director David Wain. But, flash forward to 2011 and the cast and creators have the last laugh.

Every aspect of the event drew on the movie’s community and shared nostalgia. Fans willingly dressed in character, playing on the theme of striped knee-high athletic socks and ¾-sleeve baseball shirts. Event staff ran arts and crafts (or arts and farts) and handed out pieces of gum. No doubt, this sealed Wet Hot American Summer’s reputation as a cult classic.

The show itself consisted of Stella comedy-group members Michael Ian Black, Michael Showalter and David Wain serving as emcees while a parade of cast members returned for skits. Showalter recounted a fabricated romance with Marguerite Moreau, who played the promiscuous Katie and stayed true to character, sharing kisses with Wain and Black. Additionally, Janeane Garofalo, A.D. Miles, Ken Marino and characters referred to as Cape Boy and Aaron made appearances. All the while, Joe McGinty and the Loser’s Lounge provided background music, playing selections from the soundtrack. But in the end, Stella remained onstage, thanking those in the crowd, who were equally responsible for the event and the movie’s continued success.


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Win isn’t the only resident of a region with a bizarre, musically inclined politician. It turns out that since this mid-term election cycle is bat shit crazy, who but Jimmy McMillan, a representative of the “Rent Is Too Damn High Party”, would present the most compelling platform and campaign song in New York’s upcoming gubernatorial election. (more…)

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I was shocked when I heard Greg Giraldo passed away on September 29 from an “accidental overdose” of prescription medication. I had just seen this guy give a hilarious set at Bonnaroo in  June. He sure looked like he’d had his fair share of life-threatening habits–which his jokes confirmed–but Giraldo spoke with a maturity that said those days were behind him. I’m inclined to believe the reports that say this is an unfortunate accident and not an escape from an unfulfilling life.

This death marks more than the mere loss of an entertainer. I like to think of Giraldo, and other comedians like him, as folk philosophers with greater popular pathos appeal than philosophers strictly. Philosophers and comedians are both first and foremost observers–the difference comes in the delivery. Comedians tend to dispense wisdom in a relatable fashion, at the expense of the thoroughness preferred by philosophers. This is not to say that there is no humor to be found in philosophy. Plato and Socrates surely exchanged a few knee slappers, but the ubiquity of audiovisial media has rendered the great books impotent in their mass appeal. Giraldo took his profession as a duty to make people think by  delivering seriously funny commentary on serious issues (and Pam Anderson). Please honor honor him by watching his clips.

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The jokes keep rolling this week! Via Boing, I learned that Rest In Vinyl offers to press your cremated remains into vinyl records with your choice of audio. The price is £2000 for 30 discs. Custom artwork, backing tracks, and “bespook” music is extra. Check it out here.

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Hey Playtonics,

Happy Monday! For your viewing pleasure, check out Album Tacos, a hilarious new tumblr featuring pictures of tacos superimposed onto classic album covers. 


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A common criticism thrown around American politics is that decidedly unsavory things happen “inside the beltway.”  While this unfairly maligns the innocent people who are actually from DC or those parts of Maryland and Virginia encircled by I-495, there is a lot of truth to it.  What a lot of people don’t know is that it’s not just a Federal affliction; DC city politics is much, much more unsavory – Marion Barry, everyone’s looking right at you.  To make a long story short, the current mayoral primary campaign is pretty farcical, which has yielded some real gems.  However, the race is now taking a turn around the dance floor thanks to the new theme song of current incumbent Adrian Fenty (D) called “Five for Fenty” that has associations with buying marijuana and is performed by a rapper called Stinky Dink.  Listen to the song and see the scoop here.


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Frequent contributor Winthrop “Winnie” Rodgers tossed an assist on this story. Over at Washington City Paper, a couple of journalists attempt to find out whether loud music can cook an egg. Find out the results here.

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