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(Editor’s Note: This is Becca’s first piece for her new column, “The Astro-Synchronic Hustle”)

Jay and Ye. Hova and Yeezy. However you put it, these two go together like saltines and mayo (the ultimate Broke Phi Broke hours devours). (more…)


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Oh hay-hay, Playtonics!

I’m Becca Jay, the artist formerly known as Rebecca A. Welcome to the Astro-Synchronic Hustle: the land from which all bizarre creations are born. If you believe that the concept of coincidence is a whack explanation for crazy, randomly connected experiences then we have something in common. I believe the most meaningful present day experiences are somehow eerily linked to events that happened in the past.

Do you long for synchronistic activity? Do you dig synaptic chemistry? Do you love the challenge of a good, sweaty hustle? Most importantly, are you down with music and its ability to manifest all of the above?

I offer you my love of hip-hop in its awkward adolescent form: equipped with the cracking voice and moderate acne (aka raw hip-hop). That love combined with my keen eye for the synchronistic threads that tie together all music from the past, present, and future produces an insightful perspective on music and how it fits into the grand scheme of the universe.

Are you down for the ride?

Check back on Monday for Becca’s first post titled “The Highest Power”

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