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Chebeague Playlist

out of our heads and into some books

out of our heads and into some books

Yo Playtonics,

Over the course of three weeks on Chebeague, a lot of music was played off of Graham and my laptops. While there was occasional disagreement as to what music we should play, more often than not, the Harvey’s Bose speaks bumped an ecclectic range of music which everyone could get behind. The following is the official Chebeague playlist:
1. You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere (Bob Dylan Cover)  by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova on I’m Not There [Original Soundtrack]
2. People by Silver Jews on American Water
3. Always See Your Face by Love on the High Fidelity Soundtrack
4. While You Wait for the Others by Grizzly Bear on Veckatimest
5. Killa Cam by Cam’ron on Purple Haze
6. Saturday Sun by Nick Drake on Five Leaves Left
7. These Old Shoes by Deer Tick on War Elephant
8. Jellyfish (Feat. Cappadonna, Shawn Wigs & Trife) by Ghostface Killah on Fishscale
9. Sweet Black Angel by The Rolling Stones on Exile on Main Street
10. The Man Who Sold The World by David Bowie on The Man Who Sold The World
11. Jim Cain  by Bill Callahan on Sometimes I Wish We Were an Eagle
12. Spit On A Stranger by Pavement on Terror Twilight
13. Nightmares by Clipse Feat. Bilal on Hell Hath No Fury
14. Hoppípolla by Sigur Rós on Takk…
15. Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!  by Do Make Say Think on Winter Hymn Country Hymn Secret Hymn
16. Tropical Fish Revival by Barry Black on Tragic Animal Stories
17. Catapult by R.E.M. on Murmur
18. The Rain Song by Led Zeppelin on Houses of the Holy

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R.I.P. King of Pop

Hey Playtonics (I figure that if those who follow Socrates are called Socratics, those who follow Playtonic Dialogues can be called Playtonics, but we’ll see if the name sticks),

I am currently sitting in the comfort of a bolt bus on my way back home. After spending three weeks on Chebeague Island, ME with a varied cast of characters, I am heading back to PA by way of NYC. However, all this information pales in comparison to the bomb I am about to drop on all of you. Michael Jackson, aka The King of Pop, aka Jacko, aka the original MJ, just died of cardiac arrest. While I am sure many of you will stumble upon this information in the coming hour, I was just altered about it by the bus driver and I wanted to spread the news. After the 30 seconds of silence that the bus driver instructed us to observe, I was able to validate this shocking news on Google News. The following is a link to the story:

Reports: Legendary ‘King of Pop’ Michael Jackson, 50, has died

What do you all think about this? As the bus driver announced to us all that MJ “kicked the bucket”, people reacted in the usual way they do when they hear that a celebrity meets an unexpected end. “Oh my God!” “Gasp!” But certainly Michael Jackson was no regular celebrity. While we knew him in our lifetimes to be the eccentric pop-star who slept with children in his peter pan-esque Neverland Ranch, his musical accomplishments cannot be scuffed at. Anyone who has heard the Jackson Five can attest to the superhuman vocal range of the then pre-facial reconstruction, young Jackson. And, even though I am not entirely familiar with discography, I definitely  own Thriller and I definitely used to imitate the moonwalk in front of the mirror while listening to Billie Jean. Regardless of his tabloid infamy, I think that the music of Michael Jackson secures his place among pop royalty.

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Island Life

Time passes quickly on this island. It is hard for me to believe that I have been here for over a week. With a constant stream of visitors (for example, Mandrews of the famed So Po Sound), various substances, and biking, Anne, John, Graham, and I have kept busy. The weather is intermittently pleasant but for a few days now, it has been cold and dreary. I am currently finding refuge in the Niblic (I am told this was the name for the island back  when), one of the two stores on the island. The other store is a small convenience store which we visit regularly for groceries and sandwiches. The only other notable building on the island is the library where we have rented a ton of movies (Network, Magnolia, Rear Window, the Godfather, the John Adams miniseries, etc.).

When the weather is nice, there are many options for us to entertain ourselves. A few days ago we went clamming which was entertaining even though I don’t eat seafood. We often go biking and we have an incredible view from the deck of the house. Also, I have been a reading machine (the same goes for the rest of my book worm buddies). In a week, I read a philosophy book on consciousness called Out of Our Heads (a recommendation from Okrent), This Side of Paradise (a topical, though flowery, book for any and all of us grads), and The Watchmen (Who watches the Wachmen? Anybody know? Contact Anne Sheldon for a good guesstimate).

Hope all is well and let’s get the dialogue going!

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