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(Editor’s Note: This piece appears on The Bowery Presents The House List. Check it out here)

More and more the dance floor is becoming the preeminent destination for popular musical. In 2011, an expanding set of DJs pushed electronic, techno and the elusively defined dubstep to the top of charts and lineups. Hoards of underage high school students and slightly older college students pack venues, displaying their enthusiasm with neon shirts and multiple glow sticks. If it is a trend, it is a potent one. But, if it is a sea change, then it’s worth following the best of the bunch. And, currently, two Frenchmen literally stand above of the rest: Justice.

On Friday night at Terminal 5, Justice positioned themselves well above the crowd. The two members of the group, Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay, stood on an elevated platform with their signature cross glowing below. Marshall stacks towered on either side and sandwiched the two. The stage display reinforced their already intimidating position in modern dance music: They are a top-bill act and they know it.

Daft Punk, Justice’s predecessor and closest counterpart, is too elusive to maintain steady devotion. While that band’s legendary concerts and strong material make them must-see worthy, Justice actually can be seen. And for those who made it out on Friday night, the duo’s set aimed to capitalize on their burgeoning classics. New single “Civilization” seemed to lurk around every transition. “We Are Your Friends,” the repurposed fragments of Simian’s song of the same name, came in the encore, the place where everyone expected and craved it to be. So, while there are plenty of DJs to follow, the smart money is on seeing Justice. Catch them while you can.

Photo courtesy of Brian C. Reilly | www.briancreilly.com


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