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(Editor’s Note: This is Rachel’s long-awaited fourth post for her column, “The Lady Doth Protest”)

Raw vulnerability splayed on stage; this is what I want from a concert. I’m thinking of moments like Of Montreal’s Kevin Barnes desperately screeching “The Past is a Grotesque Animal” – a song about the dissolution of his marriage – as his wife plays keyboard behind him. What drama! What dancing! When the performer’s heart is in the game, it’s easy to get your heart in the game, too.

But what happens when the performer’s heart is elsewhere? Is it possible to enjoy a concert when the artist isn’t engaged? (more…)


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Hey yall, hello hello.  After a couple month hiatus I’m back in the Playtonic D’s universe to share my newest foray into multimedia literacy.  I put together these music videos using stock footage from the public domain that I found on archive.org – a great archival site for live music, stock footage, and a cornucopia of other great public shit.


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