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Toro y Moi

Hey Playtonics,

Last week I made my way up to Bates College for chill times and chillwave. In regards to the latter, last friday Bates College’s nationally ranked radio station, WRBC, assembled Small Black, Washed Out, and Toro y Moi for an intimate show at the school’s silo shaped venue (or Benjamin Mays shaped venue to be politically correct). All three of these bands are in the middle of extensive touring and to bring them together for a single show was an act of booking brilliance. Although I have ragged on Maine’s music scene, college radio is truly the sonic spirit of the state and WRBC consistently brings exciting acts to vacationland.

The show, from “opener” Small Black to “headliner” Toro y Moi, was an overwhelming success. While the size of the raucous crowd fluctuated, a small but dedicated group of Bates students stayed throughout, drawing tremendous gratitude from the bands. Small Black’s new material was jammy and engaging. Furthermore, the collaboration of Small Black and Washed Out for the latter’s set enlivened Washed Out’s material and rhythmically bolstered his songs. I am happy to report that I don’t think I have ever danced harded than when Washed Black played “Feel it all Around.” Also, Toro y Moi’s performance was fluid and breathtakingly beautiful. In a live setting, his music reminded me of Panda Bear minus some layers of sampling. Check out Peter Senzamici’s excellent photographs from the show above and after the jump:


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A steady drum track, catchy keyboard riff, and mesmerizing melodica accompaniment make Small Black’s “Despicable Dogs” a thoroughly engaging track. It communicates nostalgia for a time and place that the song renders intimate and tangible. I am hooked on the combination of intonation and imagery with the lines “smoke machine begins to blow” and “indifferent to the written wall.” In addition to the studio version of this song, I have also been listening to Washed Out’s remix. In many ways, it feels like a very different song from Small Black’s original version. The tempo is slower, the sound is synth driven, and the vocals are textually smoother. For those reasons, Wahed Out’s remix is an interesting listen since he effectively places his stylistic mark on the track. After the jump is a video of Small black performing “Despicable Dogs.”  Is that Juan from Pitchfork’s Juan’s Basement on bass??? (more…)

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This just in! WRBC is leading Bates College into music prominence! We all remember the battles fought to do it (and Wilcox’s subsequent victory lap for the Bates Student’s Forum section), but it seems that all the hard work (and retaliatory Facebook unfriendings) is paying off. On Friday, March 5, 2010 (my birthday!), Bates College’s Benjamin Mays Center will play host to two of indie music’s most up and coming artists, Washed Out and Small Black. WRBC Presents Washed Out with Small Black looks to be a fantastic showcase of  Chillwave, a micro-genre that everybody/ anybody can get behind. So ride the chillwave into Lewiston, ME  on March 5, 2010 to see the spoils of Bates’ music revolution!!!

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