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The music critic in simpler times...Harold C Schonberg, music critic for the New York Times, in 1966. Photograph: AP

Most are familiar with the term “everyone’s a critic.” It is often used to dismiss an unsolicited or amateur opinion. You say, “I think the new Radiohead album is crap.” I say, “Everyone is a critic.”

But, more than being a sarcastic proverb, this saying is evolving into a truism. Blogs, such as this one, sprout up daily with writers publishing thoughts to be read by others. The trend is toward individual expression of taste.

In the service of providing the opinionated with a forum, the Guardian and Observer have uploaded three million albums onto their website where anyone can write a review. And, for those inclined to pass judgment but lack the interest to commit time and words for a review, there is also the option to give a star rating or create a pre-set list such as “Best albums of all time.”


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If you are reading this, I expect one or more of the following things:

a) You’ve heard the new Radiohead album, The King of Limbs

b) You’ve heard about the new Radiohead album, The King of Limbs, but Radiohead is either not your kind of music or you haven’t gotten around to it yet

c) You’re thinking, “Isn’t this a philosophy blog? Why don’t they talk about philosophy?”

d) You’re my parents

Regardless of what category you fall into, last week’s release of Radiohead’s eighth album, again titled The King of Limbs, is an event, worth reflection and comments.


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Regardless of your feelings about Twitter, Kanye West’s steady stream of 140 character or less messages are a treat.  Yesterday, West announced that he plans to give away a new song every Friday up until Christmas. See the thread of tweets below: (more…)

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New Radiohead Songs and News!

Hey Playtonics,

Get ready for a fantastic week of Playtonic Ds! Today I posted a review of the emerging Brooklyn-based band Datus’ EPs Masc, Fem, and Neut, and my email Q&A sessions with the band will be posted later this week. Also, concert reviews for some of the most talked about indie bands around will be filtering in throughout the week. But first, some Radiohead news and a new song that you won’t want to miss…


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New Radiohead Album?

Hey Playtonics,

The music website stereogum has reported the following:

RadioEd says Thom was misquoted: the band’s not only interested in making an album, but also it will be out on CD and vinyl in 2010. They’re going into the studio this winter, and “the music you make is definitely affected by what season it is.”


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