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(Editor’s Note: This is Becca’s first piece for her new column, “The Astro-Synchronic Hustle”)

Jay and Ye. Hova and Yeezy. However you put it, these two go together like saltines and mayo (the ultimate Broke Phi Broke hours devours). (more…)

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Hey Playtonics,

Sorry for my absence the past couple of weeks. Rest assured, I’m still listening to and thinking about music and philosophy, I just haven’t had the proper inspiration to write in a while. But, today while working through my Google Reader, I saw that the much talked about London-based musician James Blake appeared in session on BBC 1 host Zane Lowe’s radio show (listen here), most probably due to his debut album James Blake being released in the UK today. I have a lot thoughts and opinions about Blake’s debut as well as the coverage it’s receiving and his radio show appearance, so if you’ll indulge me, below is some editorializing: (more…)

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Regardless of your feelings about Twitter, Kanye West’s steady stream of 140 character or less messages are a treat.  Yesterday, West announced that he plans to give away a new song every Friday up until Christmas. See the thread of tweets below: (more…)

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