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(Editor’s Note: This is Becca’s first piece for her new column, “The Astro-Synchronic Hustle”)

Jay and Ye. Hova and Yeezy. However you put it, these two go together like saltines and mayo (the ultimate Broke Phi Broke hours devours). (more…)

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It’s Friiiiiday, Friiiiiday, listening to mashups on Friiiiiday. (more…)

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A consensus appears to be forming. According to three leading music publications (Rolling Stone, SPIN, and, ugh, Stereogum) Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is the best album of 2010. Additionally, it is a matter of when rather than if indie taste maker Pitchfork awards the same honor to West, given that Dark Fantasy received a perfect score of 10.0. Thus, with all the praise that is and will continue to be showered upon Dark Fantasy before and after the end of 2010, I believe it is worth evaluating the mass critical reaction in addition to the album. Much like the self-perpetuating nature of groupthink, the music news establishment is loosing its independence and creativity to general consensus.


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(This review, in edited form along with pictures, will appear on The Bowery Presents The House List tomorrow)

With less than a month left in the summer, hip-hop’s living legends and cunning contemporaries assembled on Governors Island for the 7th annual Rock the Bells. Thousands dressed in Wu-Tang Clan t-shirts and tank tops took the short ferry ride to the festival grounds where thousands more crowded around two stages to share in the American pastime of hot dogs, lemonade, and blunts. With so many great acts to see and ridiculous people to people-watch, the following is a list of the best moments at this year’s Rock the Bells: (more…)

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